VR Games

Virtual reality is bursting rapidly into our minds, and fiction books become reality.

There is no doubt, we live in times of great changes and discoveries.

Virtual reality is a world where you can become anyone you wish.

Life is a game, some people say, yet many of them fail to choose the right character or to perform important mission.
That is why VR draws producers’ great attention.

VR games is a new level for those who can’t imagine their lives without PC games.

The realism and colorful graphics of the VR games are really amazing.

You can be a direct participant of the game and this is the main difference of VR games from the PC ones.

But monitor is unable to present the game the way VR headset can.

Shooters and races are perfect for VR games, but virtual reality gives us a room for creativity, where we can contrive incredible adventures in the fantasy world.
The age group of players is diverse: from students to businessmen.

games VR

Age category of players in the VR is diverse enough. 

Producers of VR games are up-and-doing and Oculus Rift is about to present a few projects very soon:

  • A thriller- «Wilson’s Heart»
  • A futuristic game «Ripcoil»
  • A shooter «Killing Floor: Incursion»
  • «Superhot» – a popular indi game from the first person
  • vr game Superhot

    Screenshot of VR game “Superhot”

There are plentitude of ideas for VR games, but only an experienced studio can skillfully bring them to life.

Deep VR- Tech has enough of experience and technology to perform that task.
Experts of our company can develop a full- fledged customized game for VR headset.
Having tried our game, any player will want to complete all the levels

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