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Travelling the virtual worlds seemed unbelievable until recently.

Today virtual reality gives us a huge field for creativity.
More and more of new VR rides appear each year, from the simplest ones that come only with the VR headsets to the complicated dynamic platforms that simulate every movement.
VR ride “XRide360” is one of the newest developments of Ukrainian company Deep HI- Tech.

XRide 360 is a dynamic platform connected to the Oculus Rift VR headset.

VR ride XRide 360

VR ride “XRide 360” by Deep Hi-tech


But finding a really good content can be quite a problem for both- customers and owners of the VR business.

Content for VR gadgets must match high criteria, it must be colorful, realistic and memorable, yet it shouldn’t cause any discord or problems with the vestibular system.

The audience always cries for something new and exciting, and the lack of high quality VR content is a problem for entertainment business.

There are a great number of low quality piratic films, which are impossible to install on certain equipment. In the same time, updating license for the license films is quite expensive and time consuming.
So what will you do?
Leave this task to the professionals.

Deep VR-Tech Studio has a great experience in creating entertaining content, because that is what we do on a regular basis for our ride- XRide 360.


VR movie for rides

VR movie “Jeep tour of Babylon” by Deep Hi-tech

If you and your customers are fed up with the same films, our studio will help you to enrich your repertory with the colorful, hi-quality VR content.

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