Back to the childhood with VR

No matter how old we are, we remain children in our hearts. Do you remember how the real world intertwined with our fantasies when we were little?
Our imagination would turn a stick into a sword and a log into a spaceship.
Virtual reality can make your child’s dreams become true.

Would you like to go back to the days of your childhood and to find yourself in the unknown worlds, full of mysteries and hidden treasures?

To feel yourself a little kid exploring the outlandish island, where courageous pirates live and where risks await at every turn?

“Treasure Seekers”- a new, interactive VR movie is already on X- Ride 360 in Kiev and Kharkov.

Immerse yourself into the atmosphere of adventure and children cartoons, become a hero of a dizzying adventure.

“Treasure Seekers”- is a perfect family ride, that will appeal to both children and adults.

vr video for oculus rift

Shot from VR-movie “Treasure Seekers”

Just imagine an island full of pirates. You zip though it sitting in a chart laden with gold.

Your task is to deliver the treasure to your friends avoiding all the traps on your way. And there will be plenty of those: a giant poisonous spider, stray bullets and others.

Will you cope with the task? Will you become a true pirate?

You’ll find that out only at the very end of this journey.

In addition to the colorful graphic and sounds effects this VR- video contains interactive moments as well: you can shoot balloons with the look. You can even compete with each other for shooting as many balloons as possible.

vr video for kids

Interactive VR-target in the movie “Treasure Seekers”

This video is just one of Deep VR-Tech Studio works.

We have plenty of colorful and striking examples.

Release your imagination and don’t limit its stretch.

If you need a full interactive video – choose professionals and you will be surely pleased with the result!

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