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Creates VR games, VR films for the rides, educational content, presentations and VR promos

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Deep VR-Tech Studio is a part of the Deep Hi- Tech group of companies which specializes in producing VR rides and the content that brings new, unforgettable experiences to people.
There is nothing we can’t do when it comes to creating VR content.
We are always on trend and get immediate feedback from our customers, they are our best clients and quality controllers.
And that is what allows our studio to create a competitive and high quality VR products, popular all over the world.

5 reasons to start cooperation with us:

We create content for our rides and we know what customer enjoys and what brings profit

Deep Group values its reputation and produces only high-quality products

Experienced specialists of our studio are always ready to bring to life projects of any complexity

We focus exclusively on creating content for VR rides (Oculus rift) and don’t get distracted by other activities

Our main task is to make funds you invested return as quickly as possible

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Options for cooperation with our studio

With the introduction of virtual reality in your business- success and quick return on investment are practically guaranteed.
Virtual reality rapidly enters into our lives, this time seriously and for the long haul.
Its potential is basically unlimited, and the reason lies in the absolutely new, unforgettable experience people get after having just a taste of it.

But virtual technology is far more than just fun and drive.
VR-Tech, in the first place, will simplify the lives of ordinary people, increase their opportunities and those companies that are in tune with the times will be rewarded over and above.
If this is direction you decided to move in, we’ll be happy to assist you on your way.

Our team and our experience make it possible to realize your truly innovative projects that will leave a lasting impression on your clients.

VR apps

Developing apps, advertising, educational projects, and virtual reality tours.

Animation films for VR rides

Creating an idea and script writing, development, sound recording and testing

Creating VR games

Development of cross-platform games for VR Oculus, Gear VR, Google Cardboard, iOS, Android.

One fact about virtual reality

The sale of VR- devices will increase in 2016 compared to 2015.

Our portfolio


Expected volume of VR goggles market and goggles software in 2020 is

Areas of VR - TECH application

VR- technology enters into our lives with a sure step and this trend is going to only increase in the years to come. And we all know that the greatest bonus always goes to the pioneers.
Be always in the trend and a step ahead of your competitors.

VR Rides

VR advertisement

VR Training

VR Presentation

VR Museum

VR Games

VR phobias